Chapter 7 Vocab
Activity Space
The space within which daily activity occurs
Pertaining to religion, activity space demonstrated how people separated themselves according to their rounds of daily activity
A few examples of activity space are the roads to a grocery store, a neighborhood, and the area that leads to a bus stop.
Animistic Religion
The belief that inanimate objects, such as hills, trees, rocks, rivers, and other elements of the natural landscape, possess souls and can help or hinder human efforts on earth.
The significance of Animistic Religion is that you believe nature has a big part in your religion which is significant because nature is so natural to our everyday lives.
An example of Animistic Religion could be believing that your neighborhood park is filled with sounds to help the citizens in your neighborhood.
A religion founded in the sixth century BCE and characterized by the belief that would come through knowledge, especially self-knowledge. It is the elimination of greed, craving and desire, complete honesty, and never hurting another person or animal.
Buddhism is splintered from Hinduism as a reaction to the strict social hierarchy maintained by Hinduism.
Caste System
The strict social segregation of people on the basis of ancestry or occupation. This is specifically known to occur in India’s Hindu society.
The significance of the Caste system is that you can see how a society is spilt up based off what a person does in life.
An example would be to split up the citizens of Gainesville based off Income and historical family income
a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Old Testament and the teachings of Jesus as embodied in the New Testament and emphasizing the role of Jesus as savior
based on the teachings of Jesus. according to Christian teaching, Jesus is the son of God, placed on earth to teach people how to live according to God's plan
the teachings of Confucius emphasizing love for humanity; high value given to learning and to devotion to family (including ancestors); peace; justice; influenced the traditional culture of China.
emphasizes the need for human compassion and the need to care for each other.
A diaspora (in Greek, διασπορά - "a scattering [of seeds]") is any movement of a population sharing common national and/or ethnic identity. While refugees may or may not ultimately settle in a new geographic location, the term diaspora refers to a permanently displaced and relocated collective.
shows the movement and spread of religion and where it catches and where it doesn’t.
Southern Sudanese who ran away to Kenya
Eastern Orthodox Church
derived from the Byzantine Church and adhering to Byzantine rites
one of the 3 main branches of Christianity (along with Roman Catholic and Protestant)

Ethnic Cleansing

Ethnic Religion
A religion that is particular to one, culturally distinct, group of people. Unlike universalizing religions, adherents of ethnic religions do not actively seek converts through evangelism or missionary work.
The significance of Ethnic Religion is that it brings the people together of the same culture meaning that they would all have more in common and really separate all the different cultures away from each other.
An example would be Chinese citizens all believing in Taoism.
Feng Shui
Rules in Chinese philosophy that govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to patterns of yin and yang and the flow of energy the favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into consideration in designing and siting buildings and graves and furniture.
plays a major role in the design and orientation of cities and other religious symbols.


One of the oldest religions in the modern world, dating back over 4000 years, and originating in the Indus River Valley of what is today part or Pakistan. Hinduism is unique among the worlds religions in that it does not have one single founder, a single theology, or agreement on its origins.
The significance of Hinduism is that their are many gods to this one religion and it is very old and still running on the same beliefs with many followers.
An example of Hinduism would be to study the Vedas which is the Hindu holy book.
Indigenous Religions

Interfaith Boundaries

Intrafaith Boundaries


A doctrine within Islam. Commonly translated as “holy war,” Jihad represents either a personal or collective struggle on the part of Muslims to live up to the religious standards set by the Qu’ran
The Jihad motivated the Muslims to live up to the religious standards set by the Qu’ran
The religion, and culture, of the Jews. Based on the ancient Hebrew beliefs and writings (referred to as the Old Testament by other religions), current doctrine is that if every member of the faith strives to live within God’s law, he (God) will fulfill his promise (covenant), and send a messiah to restore the Jews to their rightful place as the ruling class.
represents the Jewish faith


Monotheistic Religion
Belief system in which one supreme being is revered as creator and arbiter of all that exists in the universe.
The significance of Monotheistic Religion is that you believe that only one person created everything and anything around you.
An example could be how in the Bible it says God created everything on Earth.

Polytheistic Religion
Belief system in which multiple deities are revered as creators and arbiters of all that exists in the universe.
The significance of Polytheistic religion is that you can believe in multiple gods besides just one.
An example of Polytheistic Religion could be in Hinduism where more than one thousand of different Gods are worshiped.
the Protestant churches and denominations collectively
one of the 3 main branches of Christianity (along with Roman Catholic and Protestant)

A system of beliefs and practices that attempts to order life in terms of culturally perceived ultimate priorities.
The significance of Religion is that it gives each person of what and who to live for. It helps to guide them through life based off certain beliefs and ways of life.
An example of religion would be person who is Jewish and follows the way of what is said in the Tanakh.
Religious Fundamentalism
Religious movement whose objectives being diffused are transmitted by their carrier agents as they evacuate the old areas and relocate to new ones.
Religious Fundamentalism is the most common form of relocation diffusion.
An example is the spreading of innovations by a migrating population
Religious Extremism
Religious fundamentalism carried to the point of violence
Because of Religious Extremism, mass killings and terrorism has been taking place.
The attack of the US in September of 2001 is an example of Religious extremism
Roman Catholic Church
the Christian Church based in the Vatican and presided over by a pope and an episcopal hierarchy
one of the 3 main branches of Christianity (along with Roman Catholic and Protestant)

Sacred Sites

The idea that ethnical and moral standards should be formulated and adhered for life on Earth, not to accommodate the prescriptions of a deity and promises of a comfortable afterlife.
The significance of Secularism is that a person can live their life making good choices not based on what will happen to them in the future.
An example of Secularism can be to not undergo greed.

Shari’a Laws
The system of Islamic law, sometimes called Qu’ranic law.
Unlike most western systerms of law that arebased on legal precedence, Sharia is based on varying degrees of interpretation of the Quran
The amputation of hands or limbs for theft is an example of Shari’a Laws

the ancient indigenous religion of Japan lacking formal dogma; characterized by a veneration of nature spirits and of ancestors
one of the earliest religions, symbolized by what people could see and touch and feel.


Popular Chinese philosophical system based in teachings of Lao-tzu but characterized by a pantheism of many gods and the practices of alchemy and divination and magic.
representation of polytheism and signifies a connectedness between early religions

A belief system that espouses the idea that there is one true religion that is universal in scope. Adherents of universalizing religious systems often believe that their religion represents universal truths, and in some cases great effort is undertaken in evangelism and missionary work.
The significance of Universal Religion is that the world would all believe in the same which is very significant thinking we would all come together having the same beliefs and morals.
An example would be if the whole world were to believe Buddhism and follow all the beliefs and morals that come with that certain religion.
a policy for establishing and developing a national homeland for Jews in Palestine
the movement to unite the Jewish people of the Diaspora and to establish a national homeland for them in the promised lands