Religion Quiz Answers!

1. Secular religion plays a lesser role in people’s lives and does not influence their behavior and/or morals as much.
2. A religion where people are born into that faith and converts are not actively sought. (opposite of Mormons)
3. A religion where converts are actively sought out. Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism all fall intol this catergory.
4. It locks them in a specific social class and imposes certain restrictions on that order, especially the lower caste orders. It does not give them the opportunity to let them fight their way out of the job.
5. Usually geographical, anything from a mountain peak to a river, or funny rock formation. Anything that the ancient human race considered sacred or special was a basic sacred site.
6. Interfaith boundaries are boundaries between the world's major faiths while intrafaith boundaries are boundaries within a single major faith.
7. Judea, home of the Jews in ancient times, wasconquered by the Romans and renamed Palestine. Palestine was later conquered and inhabited by Arabs for over a thousand years. The Zionist movement arose to restore the Jews to Israel, largely ignoring the existing Arab population. Palestine was granted to Britain as a League of Nations mandate to build a national home for the Jewish people. The Arabs resented the Jews coming in to take their land. The Jews won and created many states and Palestinian refugees. Today, they both blame each other.
8. They include Islam, ancient Christian sects, and Christian sects of European colonizers.
9. True, these teachers and healers are referred to as Shaman
10. These are referred to as indigenous religions
11. Answers may vary (but this group [chapter 7] thinks she's the bomb)