Use the information in this Wiki and its external links and files to answer the following questions:
  1. What are the top four languages by number of speakers? By Internet Content?
  2. How many languages are spoken in the nation of Nigeria? What does this indicate about the nation's ethnolinguistic diversity?
  3. How significant is the Indo-European language tree in the greater scope of the tree of all languages?
  4. How are languages reconstructed? Describe two strategies.
  5. What is the linguistic predecessor to the Indo-European language? What is the predecessor to that one?
  6. Explain the linguistic situation of the Kurdish language and how it relates to politics.
  7. Name two extinct languages.
  8. What language family does English belong to? What sub-family?
  9. How do languages become extinct? How do we prevent this?
  10. Describe the biological nature of language. Can animals learn and communicate in human languages?
  11. What phonetic sounds did the earliest human groups hypothetically speak in?
  12. What is a global language, and what is its significance to aspects such as economics, politics, etc?
  13. What is a dialect? Name two dialects of the same language and highlight corresponding differences, as well as similarities.
  14. Why is Chinese not a global language?
  15. Identify and explain five ways in which language is essential in the development of culture as well as cultural identity.
Abstract quick assignment: Draw a "picture" of language. Highlight concepts that you think are most important in the cultural element of language as a whole. Do not simply write words down. Create a brief rationale for your picture that explains what elements of language or illustrated, and why they are significant.

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Random Fact: "Allah," is the Arabic word for "God," and is used by both Muslim and non-Muslims in Arab-speaking areas.

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Key Questions:
  1. What are languages, and what role do languages play in cultures?
  2. Why are languages distributed the way they are?
  3. How do languages diffuse?
  4. What role does language play in making places?

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