Religion can be seen virtually in any way, each view varies depending on the religion being followed and how strict and direct the follower adheresrefdafasa.jpg to the religion’s “code.” Each religion comes with its own set of religious buildings and they come with varying importance in the religion’s physical appearance as well. Christians build churches and the Vatican in Rome is arguably the most important building in the Christian faith. Other religions such as Islam and Judaism build mosques or temples, etc. They don’t appoint any one building as the most important, but rather an entire city such as Mecca, Medina, or Jerusalem. Religion can also be seen throughout the landscape by the way places are named. A name usually descends from the language and can most likely be traced back to a point of importance in the country’s, individual’s, and etc. history. Another representation is Burial sites. Christians bury their dead, while some tribal religions find it necessary to eat theirs or burn theirs instead. Every aspect of a religion can be seen through cultural landscape, but interpretations are always going to differ between religions and people. Its simply human nature to believe that you are right and someone who disagrees must be wrong, leading to the divisions between religions as people and religious leaders “amend” beliefs and traditions to support books such as the Koran and the Bible whilst undermining opposing religions.

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