Project Assignment 200 points

Your group's job is to become an expert on your assigned chapter from the textbook. You must study the concepts, details and specific examples presented in your section of the book and present them in your wiki through a variety of media. Use the RUBRIC below and the ASSIGNMENT CRITERIA to make sure you have done all the components required of your wiki. Each member of the group will receive grades for individual work, as well as the overall group product. Each member will also complete a self-review for themselves and peer-reviews for the other members of their group.

After all wikis are created, the class members will spend some time using and interacting with the wikis that are created. This will include completing quizzes and/or scavenger hunts that are to accompany each wiki.

Wiki Grading Rubric--200 points total

40 pts. for the following:Organization (10 pts)Information is presented in an organized way with uniform formatting.Table of Contents reflects an organized, easy-to-follow format. Headings and underlines are used appropriately and consistently.Visual Appeal, Grammar, Punctuations, Spelling (10 pts)Graphics are used regularly as needed and add to the message. Graphics are not distracting and used where needed to further explain a topic. If does not look cluttered.

Original, Intelligent, Accurate Information and Wording (10 pts)
(All sources cited in MLA format) Information is presented in the students' own words, wording is intelligent and meaningful, and slang is not used. Wikis may be read by a global audience, and authors must keep that in mind.

Hyperlinks, Outside Sources, Ethics and Documentation (10 pts)
Wiki authors are required to cite all their sources in MLA format. Hyperlinks to web resources must be included. All sources for information appear at the bottom of each wiki page.The author’s work should be authentic and his/her own words. Plagiarism is unacceptable in any form.
All work for each portion of the wiki is to be documented in the documentation page clearly.
160 pts. for the following:Assignment Criteria and Checklist:The authors have completed all parts of their wiki section correctly and on-time. Point values are indicated next to each required section of the CHECKLIST below:
  1. (20 pts) Key Questions--all Key Questions from the assigned chapter are answered in detail using a variety of media to include typing, images, PPT, and/or video. In answering the Key Questions, all terms associated with each question should be explained and embedded in the page.
  2. (20 pts) TERMS--all Terms from your chapter need to appear in WRITING at some point in your part of the wiki. All terms must have a link to the a) definition, b) illustration, c) significance and/or example. Anytime a TERM is used (even a second or third time), it should be linked to the information.
  3. (10 pts) Frequently Asked Questions page--after learning the main concepts of your chapter, design a list of at least 10 questions that an outsider might ask. Answers must be complex, approximately a short paragraph each, but succinct. The questions should consist of both lower order and higher order thinking about the chapter.
  4. (50 pts) Video and/or PowerPoints embedded--Can be one of the following combinations: a) 10 min of Video or b) 6 min Video, PPT slides 20, c) 100 PPTs slides, d) other combination as approved. All Video should be broken into shorter segments, so as not to lose the viewers attention. Video and PPTs should be designed to keep the viewer engaged, therefore the group needs to come up with a clever way to break up the information by adding inserts (such as commercials, "did you know?" snapshot info ads, advertisements, or any other ideas you can come up with--be creative!) Videos can be made to be serious, informative, funny, documentaries, game shows, talk shows, cooking shows, news shows, or a combination. They could also be presented like a radio show with still images.
    We will use the programs Windows Movie Maker and Audacity to create video and audio needed. Other programs are acceptable as long as they run properly in the wiki. All members must play some part in the the creation of the video and PPT portions of the wiki. Videos must include an opening page, as well as a credits page; they may consist of parts acted out or still framed. In the creation of your video, you may use self-created audio.
  5. (10 pts) Graphics and Images--must be present throughout your part of the wiki at regular intervals. Graphics should always be of good taste and appropriate to the topic being discussed. Graphics must be cited as a footnote on the page in which they appear.
  6. (10 pts) Outside sources--you must include at least FIVE references to FIVE different sources beyond the textbook. The outside sources must be represented as a significant, but not a majority of your wiki. If you use the same outside source more than once, document each time in a footnote at the bottom of the page in which it is refered.
  7. (20 pts) Group work Documentation--include a page that documents who did what portion of the wiki. This page should be detailed. Each member of the group will have their name listed and the work they complete listed beneath their name using bullets to separate the tasks. Tasks included on the list should be meaningful and significant.
  8. (20 pts) Assessment--The group must design some type of in-depth assessment of your portion of the wiki for readers to complete to help readers know they have mastered the information. The assessment must cover the key concepts and their details (the information that is emphasized in your portion of the wiki).
    Ideas might include a) multiple choice, b) matching, c) scavenger hunt, d) combination, or e) other (group must get approval).
    The assessment must be designed to take your reader through every part (therefore every concept) of your portion of the wiki (your chapter).

Review (to be completed after wiki is done)
Each member of the group will complete both a self-review and a peer review for their own wiki to be turned in separate from the Wiki.
Each member of the class will complete reviews Wikis for all chapters, as well as completing the assessment activity for the wikis visited.